Donald Soctomah Honored for Contributions

Some of the Abbe staff and trustees had the privilege to celebrate a momentous occasion on March 30, 2015. Donald Soctomah, Passamaquoddy Tribal Historic Preservation Officer, received the 2015 Constance H. Carlson Public Humanities Prize, which is the Maine Humanities Council's highest award.

Photo courtesy of Donald Soctomah.

The Constance H. Carlson Public Humanities Prize honors an individual, institution, or group in recognition of exemplary contributions to public humanities in Maine. Donald has worked to steward and protect native culture and lands through resource management, policy-making, teaching, and the promotion and dissemination of history and language. Thanks to his groundbreaking efforts during his eight years in the Maine State Legislature, Maine K-12 students learn about Maine Native American history in school, and Maine place names now show cultural awareness and sensitivity toward the state’s native populations.

You can read more about Donald's impressive work via the Maine Humanities Council and Indian Country Today.