A Look at the Abbe's March Programs

Passamaquoddy Tribal Historic Preservation Officer Donald Soctomah visited the Abbe on March 19th to talk about Tomah Joseph, a famous birchbark worker from the Passamaquoddy community at Indian Township. Often featuring depictions of Passamaquoddy oral histories, Joseph’s work was sought after by museums and private collectors all over the world; even Franklin D. Roosevelt owned some of Joseph’s pieces. Soctomah is an expert on Tomah Joseph’s history and work, and has even written a children’s book about the birchbark worker’s friendship with FDR, called Remember Me.

In the first event of its kind at the Abbe, Museum Educator and Kikehtahsuwiw: It Heals Curator George Neptune, Passamaquoddy, coordinated a Wabanaki women’s dialogue and panel discussion focused on the roles of women in Wabanaki and other cultures. We had an amazing turnout and a great discussion!