I really liked the clubs. I think they show how much a human can do. I could have stayed in here forever looking at the clubs! Literally! They are fascinating!! :)
— Katie Daltan, Age 9 ½ - In response to Root Clubs of the Penobscot Nation (2018)
This museum is the highlight of my Maine trip. Using the Native voice as the primary on, its stories really touch the heart. The philosophies such as “Time is not linear, it is circular… the past is the present and the present is the future”, and “Man was created to take care of Earth” show us a life filled with deep wisdom and understanding we must change the way we look at indigenous communities and respect and support them. This museum is a beautiful tribute to the Native man.
— Visitor Comment, 2018
I’ve been to many museums in many different states, however there are not a lot of museums dedicated to Native Americans. This is amazing.”
— Naziat Nassan, New York
This museum provides insight into the local tribes and people while giving the space to reflect on their stories and legacy. Always touching.
— Jennifer, Washington DC
Don’t miss this place! Fascinating and sobering Native American history with a beautiful presentation. I haven’t learned this much in a single trip to a museum in a long time. Something for everyone here. Great for a rainy day or just a relaxing activity between visits to Acadia.
— TripAdvisor Reviewer
The Abbe Museum was a hidden gem in Bar Harbor. The docents were knowledgeable and very pleasant. The exhibits were clear and explained well the history of the region. There was a gift shop with relevant items to buy, not five and dime knicknacks. The museum takes about 30 minutes to view and well worth the time.
— Joan P.
Give to the Abbe
Thank you to the Abbe museum! My experience here was educational and inspiring. I have so much more respect for the Wabanaki tribes and Native Americans everywhere.
— Kelsey, Connecticut
I loved the way the museum portrayed the history of the Native People. They told it in a respectful way and explained what colonization did to the native people and how their lives changed because of said colonization. I’m glad that Maine has a museum to honor and represent roots and I’m glad it’s done in a respectful way.
— "A California History Major"
This exhibit does the Indigenous peoples of this land justice. Thank you for taking the time and effort to respect the people and the culture, and portray them in such a positive light. This is good work.
— Hannah Troyer, Shawnee - In response to Root Clubs of the Penobscot Nation (2018)

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