Excellent exhibitions. Great and accessible explanations, good scope of content and tribal voice. Your Museum beats anything the National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI) has done by 1,000 times. Keep up the great work!
— Kristen & Theresa, Virginia
Thank you. If all I saw was your opening/intro area, I would still be impressed. And delighted. I am deeply gratified to be able to see such a positive effort in educating the public (especially in today’s larger political climate). The damage done by colonization is immense and irreparable, and these exhibits feel like a step in the right direction.
— Melanie Morgan, Massachusetts
Wonderful museum telling an important story in a balanced and engaging way. Well done!
— Jo Neill, United Kingdom
A great museum with a handful of solid exhibits and a nice gift shop. I really appreciated their decolonized approach and that they took the time to explain to visitors what that means. I walked out feeling like I understood the basic history and culture of the Native American groups the museum focused on. I especially liked the exhibit of loaner items, joined with commentary from community members, and the circular room at the back. A nice way to spend some time on the island.
— TripAdvisor Reviewer
Chii Miigwech :) Big thanks.
— Ojibinabe and Bimissawin, Missouri
The Abbe Museum was a hidden gem in Bar Harbor. The docents were knowledgeable and very pleasant. The exhibits were clear and explained well the history of the region. There was a gift shop with relevant items to buy, not five and dime knicknacks. The museum takes about 30 minutes to view and well worth the time.
— Joan P.
Give to the Abbe
The Abbe Museum is small but the exhibits are extremely well presented— very detailed and nicely spaced, not crowded but efficiently organized in an easy to navigate and comfortable space. High quality— what one would expect from their association with the Smithsonian. Ticket covers both locations, which do not have to be visited on the same day. Both locations provide a nice contrast between old style of exhibits and the new. Staff was very friendly and helpful.
— Ann P.
Great exhibit. Canoe is nicest one we have seen. Music throughout is a nice touch. Keep history alive!
— Fred Jurash, New Jersey
A wonderful presentation of the Native American perspective often lacking in museums with this focus. The original birchbark canoe completed recently by Native Americans using original methods is a centerpiece not to be missed!
— Quentin

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