A New Book by Susan Guyette

From time to time, the Abbe team reviews books for our audiences; whether they are teachers looking for a good book for their classrooms or a library trying to find an appropriate book for a children’s program on Native Americans, we hope to be useful in our recommendations.  A new book is on the market and it is extremely useful for tribal museums and communities that are making cultural tourism plans.  Written in a practical, accessible, and realistic manner, Susan Guyette’s Sustainable Cultural Tourism: Small-Scale Solutions is a must-have reference for tribal communities working with limited resources, but are committed to inviting tourists and other visitors to engage in cultural experiences. 

From the author -

Cultural tourism of the future will foster authenticity and learning experiences through small-scale, linked enterprise networks. The interface between museums and tourism offers potential for visitor education as well as income for museum programs.

Preserving the diversity of traditions, lifeways, and cultural values is a core concern in rural and Indigenous communities. With a careful planning effort, cultural pride is inspired and resources are generated for cultural retention—with a museum as the community hub. As a community adjusts to changing economic conditions, cultural tourism holds the potential to be one of several options considered for museum resiliency.

This practical text guides planning and development efforts—addressing regional linkages, the tourism plan, visitor surveys, marketing, cultural centers and museums, job creation, enterprise development, and evaluation of sustainability. A new paradigm for a cultural value-based approach is discussed with examples throughout the book.

Susan Guyette, Ph.D. (Métis – Micmac and Acadian French) has 25 years of direct experience working with Indigenous and rural communities in cultural tourism, as well as cultural centers and museums. She is the author of Planning for Balanced Development: A Guide for Rural and Native American Communities, the co-author of award winning Zen Birding: Connect in Nature, 2010, and the author of several texts for American Indian Studies. She is the owner of Santa Fe Planning & Research in New Mexico (USA). www.susanguyette.com

To order the book, visit Amazon.com (ISBN: 978-0-9858788-0-1) or follow this link.