Why I Give Back: Katherine Stroud Bucklin

Abbe Museum Trustee and volunteer Katherine Stroud Bucklin grew up in rural Pennsylvania and spent portions of her summers between Northeast Harbor, ME and Watch Hill, RI. Katherine first started volunteering at the Abbe a few years ago as anAbbe Gala Committee member, and also enjoyed helping out with theAbbe Underground events.

"The Abbe staff's naturally energetic spirit and infectious enthusiasm keeps me volunteering," she said. 

One of Katherine's favorite volunteering experiences revolves around an Abbe Underground event, and while she didn't go into much detail about why, she indicated that the events "are a lot of fun!"

Katherine graciously host events and draws upon her social networking ability to act as an Abbe ambassador, helping spread the word about Wabanaki artists, the Wabanaki people and their culture, and championing the mission and work the Museum does.

Thank you, Katherine, for your support, and for believing in what we do!

You can also become avolunteer or donateto the Abbe Museum. If you have any specific questions or comments, we'd love to hear from you! Contact us at info@abbemuseum.org or 207-288-3519.