The Abbe Museum's new membership program is here!

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The Abbe Museum's membership program has received a much needed reboot for 2015.

Thanks to our members, the Abbe Museum is able to fulfill our mission to inspire new learning about the Wabanaki Nations with every visit through education, exhibitions, and innovative programs. Members support the financial well-being of the Abbe Museum, while enjoying exclusive benefits that are renewable each year at various levels of support.

We work closely with tribal communities in Maine, northern New England, and eastern Canada to produce award-winning exhibits, educational programs for students, teachers, and Museum visitors, and collaborative projects. Native people lead programs, serve on our board of trustees, and are staff members. We are also a part of the local Bar Harbor and MDI economy and we have a direct impact on the tribal economies in Maine.

The Abbe Museum:

  • Annually hires over 30 Native educators to lead programs and more than 80 Native artists are represented in our shops.
  • Is the main repository for archaeological collections from Maine’s midcoast  and downeast region.
  • Hosts more than 100 schools participating in class trips, serving 60 school districts.
  • Cooperates with school districts on curriculum topics that include: Social Studies, Geography, Economics, Science and Technology, English Language Arts, Fine and Performing Arts.
  • Serves more than 3,000 schoolchildren each year through field trips to the Museum.
  • Hosts more than 200 educators who have participated in our teacher training programs.
  • Serves 30,000 visitors each year, locally and from across the globe.

If you are not currently a member of the Abbe Museum, please consider joining or renewing now to enjoy special benefits throughout the year, such as free admission to the Museum, a Smithsonian Affiliate membership, a 10% discount in the shop, and reciprocal benefits at museums and historical sites around the country.

Take advantage today, either by renewing or becoming a new
member, and receive 5% off your 2015 membership.
New Membership Structure

Season-Ticket Membership
Curate Your Own Membership
Upgraded Membership Levels

You can visit us to become a member!
Stop by the Abbe Museum during our visiting hours and a Guest Services Associate will help you become a member at the level of your choice. Use your receipt to enjoy the benefits of membership that same day, and your complete membership materials will be mailed to you.

You can call us to become a member!
Call the Abbe Museum at (207) 288-3519 and ask for Jill Sawyer or the Abbe Shop. Please be ready with your Visa or Mastercard.

Questions & Other Membership Info
If you have questions about membership, please ask! Send an email to Jill at or call (207) 288-3519.

Memberships are renewable annually and contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by current law. Most Abbe Museum members also choose to further support the museum through volunteering or contributions to the Annual Fund.