Add a paddle and save a stamp

What do we mean by this?

This holiday season, we are making it easy for you to make an on-line gift to the Abbe.  By clicking the link below, you will be brought to a page with an image of a canoe full of paddles.  You can choose a dollar amount listed next to the canoe, go through the paypal portal and and the next day you will see that your gift has triggered another paddle to be added to the image.  The number of paddles in the water indicates the number of gifts that we have received through online giving in November and December.  

Our online goal is to reach $5,000 before the end of December 2013.  All gifts support the annual fund, which is, metaphorically-speaking, our canoe.  The annual fund keeps us afloat, it helps us go where we need to be in 2014, which is a museum full of fresh, new, exciting exhibits and vibrant educational programs for people of all ages. The annual fund helps to protect our 50,000 piece collection; and it allows us to continue moving forward with the important work of sharing our mission with the 30,000 people who will visit us next year.