A Time for Giving Thanks, Book Reading and Children's Activity with George Neptune

Join Museum Educator George Neptune for a reading of the children’s book, Thanks to the Animals, written by Allen Sockabasin, Passamaquoddy, and participate in an activity that focuses on Passamaquoddy animal names.  In the Passamaquoddy language, animals are named for certain behaviors or physical characteristics—is there an animal in your life that you are particularly thankful for? Re-name your favorite animal, and see if the new name can be translated into Passamaquoddy! The holiday season is a time when you are encouraged to reflect upon the things in your life that make you thankful.  You might be thankful for certain things that are very different from what a person from another place or culture would be thankful for—you may even find that you and other people are thankful for very similar things! Free and open to the public.