Fall at the Abbe

Steve Cayard and David Moses Bridges work on the canoe.

With the rainy, cool entry into September, the coming of fall certainly seems to be here. It is always bittersweet to bid the warm, fun-filled months of summer farewell, but we have some exciting celebrations of fall planned at the Abbe and we hope to see you around as the leaves begin to turn.

Our month-long birchbark canoe-build wraps up this Friday, September 6, and we will mark the occasion with a little reception and viewing, all part of the final Art Walk of the summer. Join us at the Abbe from 6:00 – 9:00pm! September also includes a few final demonstrations as part of the Park Program series and the Acadia Night Sky Festival, during which the Abbe will host a couple of events. October brings the start of the 5th Annual Native American Film Series, which will open with The Last of the Mohicans on October 3, and, of course, the celebrated annual Tea, Popovers & Archaeology event at the Jordan Pond House. Be sure to check our calendar – and have a happy start to fall!