2013 Gathering Gala a Tremendous Success

Many thanks to all who contributed to and attended the 2013 Gathering Gala at the Bar Harbor Club on July 17. The event was a tremendous success. Thanks to 216 gala guests, 21 sponsors, 70 artists and experience donors, and a lively crew of volunteers, the Abbe had a record-setting night. Through this outpouring of generosity, the gala raised over $131,000 for the Abbe Museum.  We received over $33,000 in gifts to support the paddle raise, Teach a Child ~ Support a Teacher, exceeding our original goal!

All of the Gala contributions make it possible for the Abbe to continue producing educational programs and exhibits that inspire thousands of visitors and students and encourage people of all ages and background to learn about the history and contemporary lives of the Wabanaki Nations. This year, the gifts from the paddle raise will be used to match the 3-year grant that the Abbe received from the Institute for Museum and Library Services which will allow the Abbe to produce teaching resources and support for over 800 teachers and travel to all 16 counties of Maine working with the Tribes and the Maine Department of Education to offer on-site workshops, training and community networking.

From the Board of Trustees and the Abbe staff, a huge thank you to all who played a role in the Gala, contributing to the financial health and vibrancy of the Abbe Museum.  Your generosity ensures that we will continue to shine as a beacon of learning for our local communities, the state of Maine, and around the world.

Check out the photos from the evening, thanks to Eager Eye Photography!