Tracking Workshop -- Register Now!

During February's tracking workshop, participants
discovered the tracks of over 11 different types of animals!

This past February, the Abbe Museum hosted an exciting and popular tracking workshop and we are pleased to offer a second opportunity to learn new skills!

On Saturday, on May 25, the Abbe will offer a day-long tracking workshop with Penobscot guide, Barry Dana. Designed to accompany the Abbe’s current main exhibit, Wabanaki Guides, the workshop will provide participants with the opportunity to learn a variety of tracks, information about the animals and the cultural relevance they have for the Wabanaki. Participants will be invited to consider how human interaction with the environment helps and hinders the natural order. 

The Wabanaki have long been stewards of this landscape, and their continued presence here means that they have a thorough understanding about the ecology of Maine, and the importance of the creatures that call Maine home. Barry Dana is a skilled hunter and tracker and will teach participants the subtleties of stalking an animal and how to make their own “tracking stick.” 

While the workshop is free, registration is required to reserve a space. Those interested should contact George Neptune at either or 207-288-3519. This program is cosponsored by Acadia National Park and made possible by support from the Lynam Trust and the Margaret E. Burnham Charitable Trust.