Planning for 2013

CEO Cinnamon Catlin-Legutko finds herself planning for what is to come in 2013:

The winter months find me nestled away in my office and meeting rooms planning for the year’s activities, securing funding for all the great mission-driven projects and needs we have, and attending to a variety of management and board support tasks.  It’s also a great time to meet with collaborative partners on the island and across the state who have an affinity for the Abbe’s mission and our role as a viable community partner and leader.  These conversations lead to broadened thinking, shared resources, and community action. This is just a sample of some the conversations I have been part of this winter.

And the list goes on.  The staff and I are working mightily within these walls and outside of them so that we can connect with all of our constituents, share the mission of the Abbe, and contribute to the quality of life in Bar Harbor and the state of Maine.  The winter months are really when the building blocks come together and build a foundation that sustains us and propels us into the future.  It’s a great place to work.