Before Tomorrow, Screening November 1

Before Tomorrow, the second film in the Native American Film Series will be shown on Thursday, November 1, 2012 at the Downtown Abbe Museum from 7:00 - 9:00.  The series is free and open to the public, made possible, in part, by Reel Pizza.

Before Tomorrow is the first feature film written and directed by Igloolik’s Arnait Video Productions women’s collective, which has been filming Inuit women’s stories since 1991 based on cultural authenticity and community involvement.  It is the story of a woman who demonstrates that human dignity is at the core of life from beginning to end, as she faces with her grandson the ultimate challenge of survival.  Set in 1840, some Inuit tribes still have never met any white people, although rumors circulate about what they might be, where they come from, and why.  The film draws on history to imagine the fate of one village, and one family, to explore the impact of European presence in the Arctic. 

After showing the film, Curator of Collections Julia Clark and Museum Educator George Neptune will facilitate a discussion based on themes addressed in Before Tomorrow.