CLYNK - Community Cash for the Abbe!

Did you know that your returnables can benefit the Abbe?  The Abbe Museum is part of CLYNK's Community Cash Program, so it is easy to do two good deeds at once--recycle & support the Abbe!

Supporting the Abbe Museum through CLYNK is easy!  If you already use CLYNK, visit the kiosk at participating Hannaford Stores, and follow the on-screen directions to print bag tags for the Abbe Museum (choose "Community Cash" and search "Abbe Museum").  Or stop by the Abbe Museum during our regular open hours and ask for pre-printed bag tags and CLYNK bags.

Every little bit adds up, and CLYNK is an easy way to make a difference!  The Abbe Museum would like to thank all those who have supported the Museum through CLYNK, such as Julie Malloy and her family, who last month donated over 16 bags of returnables to benefit the Abbe! 

How do all these donations add up?  Check out our current stats to see how we are doing:

Click to enlarge. 
CLYNK Community Cash Stats are available from the CLYNK website.