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The Abbe Museum is proud to announce a “nourishing” fundraising opportunity with Café Bluefish! On November 3, 4, and 5 from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m., diners can take their evening meal at Café Bluefish in Bar Harbor and 30% of the bill will be donated to the Abbe Museum.

Chef/Owner Bobbie Lynn Hutchins, a fourth generation native of Mount Desert Island, is a supporter of the Abbe’s mission and its programs. Hutchins is also executive director of United World Citizens, based here in Bar Harbor. “I have enjoyed the Abbe museum since I was a child, the dioramas at the Sieur de Mont Springs location always fascinated me. I love history and promoting awareness of and respect for other cultures is one of United World Citizen’s primary goals.”

Through exhibitions, educational programs, research, collections, and collaborative partnerships, the Abbe Museum seeks to remember past lifeways, consider the present, and educate the public about the Wabanaki, Maine’s first people. The Abbe works closely with Maine educators to help them fulfill their academic requirements for teaching school children about Maine culture and history. Through Abbe-produced lesson plans, field trips, and teacher education, the stable of programming has become integral to the educational experience of children here in Maine. Participation in this unique fundraiser will promote all that the Abbe does toward fulfilling this important classroom role and so much more.

Although, the United World Citizens has donated to many local causes, it’s major focus has always been on raising awareness of global issues and helping children in developing countries but Hutchins points out that because the Wabanaki are Maine’s first peoples, “Their connection to the land and each other should be of interest and concern to all of us. When I visit the Abbe, I am inspired by the Native American stories, traditions, and art and I am reminded how the diversity of culture right here in Maine enriches our daily lives.”

One of the area's premier fine dining establishments, Café Bluefish has been serving "creative unique cuisine" in downtown Bar Harbor since 1990. Seafood specialties include the famous lobster strudel, recently featured on the FOOD NETWORK'S Roker on the Road.

As an extra bonus, on the evening of November 5, you can have dinner at Café Bluefish and watch a movie at the Abbe! From 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm, the Museum will screen two films that address cultural and religious appropriation, with a discussion to follow. Film details are available at

To participate in this fundraiser simply call 288-3696 and make your dinner reservation for the evening of November 3, 4 or 5, 2009. Upon arriving at Café Bluefish, tell your server that you are dining in support of the Abbe Museum fundraiser. Even the wait staff at the Bluefish are participating in the event and have volunteered 15% of their tips for the evening to go to the Abbe.

For more information about Café Bluefish, located at 122 Cottage Street, visit and for UWC, please visit To learn more about the Abbe Museum and how you can become involved in its mission and programs visit or call 288-3519.