Abbe Staff News

With a mixture of excitement for her future adventures and sadness knowing how much we'll miss her, the Abbe says farewell today to our Manager of Creative Services, Allison Shank (although only as a staff member; we still expect to see her around as a visitor and friend!).

Allison initially came on board as a contract exhibit specialist in the fall of 2012. Her combined design and fabrication skills were key to the success of our 2013 feature exhibit, Wabanaki Guides. Her background in fine arts shaped the design of our Twisted Path exhibit series into the sophisticated art exhibition it is today. In the spring of 2013, Allison’s role at the Abbe expanded when she came on as a full-time staff member, part of which was managing the Museum’s frontline staff and refining and guiding the Museum’s graphic identity and exhibits. With the birth of her daughter, Willa Brave, she began to focus primarily on graphic design and exhibits, including managing the monumental project of bringing our core exhibit People of the First Light to fruition.

With the imminent arrival of Allison and her husband Kyle’s second child in May, Allison has decided to return to the independent graphic design world, giving her more time with her family. We will miss her creativity, sense of humor, and the special energy she has brought to the Abbe over these past five years. Have fun on this next journey, Allison!