Archaeology is not all in the field...

Julia Clark, Curator of Collections

Julia Clark, Curator of Collections
Work in the Wellman Archaeology Lab is as busy as ever during the winter months!  Star volunteers like Jean Rohrer and Donna Murphy work on washing, sorting and cataloging the artifacts collected during the Abbe's archaeological field school. Every now and then they discover some little treasure or anomaly that was missed in the field, and I hear an "Oh, cool!" from the other side of the room. 

Meanwhile, Jane Clifton, who you may encounter in the Abbe Museum Shop when we are open, is tackling several projects in the Lab. She spent part of December sorting through exhibition records, copying the most important documents onto archival paper, and sorting into archival file folders and boxes- making the necessary transition from the museum's working files to the archives. During January, Jane is copying more than a decade of archaeological field school records onto archival paper and re-filing them in archival folder, important steps towards the long term preservation not only of collections, but of the very important records that go with them. Both archival projects are funded by grants from the Maine State Archives.

Today we found Julia laying out measurements
for an exhibit that will open at the Abbe next winter.
Many of my tasks during these winter months revolve around catching up from last year and getting prepared for next year. I just finished my annual wrap-up of new acquisitions, compiling a list and checking it against the necessary paperwork. I want to make sure I have all the correct documentation, such as the Deed of Gift which officially transfers ownership to the museum.  I will spend some time entering data on the past year's acquisitions into our collections management software, PastPerfect. This is also a good time to check in with researchers who are working with Abbe collections or archives, making sure they have what they need and providing it if they do not. I will also be working on upcoming exhibits- finalizing budgets and working with Cinnamon to secure funding; working with guest curators to create content; working with Maine Indian Education to create the 2012 Waponahki Student Art Show- all fun and rewarding.